Waukeen, Goddess of Trade

Alignment – Neutral
Domains – Knowledge, Trickery

Waukeen (pronounced wau-KEEN or wah-KEEN) is a deity known as the Merchant’s Friend, Liberty’s Maiden, and the Golden Lady. Her portfolio included everything related to commerce and the accumulation of wealth through free and fair trade, as well as the beneficial use of wealth to improve civilization. Those that venerated and appeased her included merchants from lowly peddlers to the wealthy owners of trading companies, investors, accountants, entrepreneurs, caravan guides, warehouse owners, philanthropists, deal-makers, moneylenders, and so on. Waukeen was also the goddess of illicit trade and the patron of many smugglers, fences, black marketeers, and “businessmen” on the shady side of commerce. The only trade she hates is that of slaves. This is because everyone should be free to do their best to accumulate wealth via commerce. Collectively, her worshipers were known as Waukeenar.


Waukeen was portrayed as a slender, young woman with long, lustrous golden hair; always splendidly dressed. Some depictions included a pair of golden lions resting at her feet. Her avatar was 10 ft tall and typically had eyes that appeared as solid gold. She wore a gown woven from strips of precious metals polished to a gleaming finish and sprinkled with all manner of gemstones. Her sash was of spun gold and her cloak was a lattice of gold coins. On her feet were boots of laced pearls with gold soles.

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